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Meschcon Custom Metal Fabrication is a high-end metal welding facility. Specializing in custom metal design and unique artistic metal projects be it Architectural metal work or retail store displays.

We will work hand in hand with you during the entire design and manufacturing process to assure that your custom metal work is fabricated to fit your custom requirements. Utilizing quality metal craftsmanship, welding skill and specialty finishes and textures we are sure to please.



About Meshcon Custom Metal Fabrication

   Our Mission is to provide products and service for our customers with complete commitment and dedication to the highest standards of excellence. Meshcon's welding and fabrication will deliver an exceptional service experience created uniquely for each customer.

The positive energy expressed by our team with shown respect and patients to our customers and all those we serve leads to customer satisfaction and a high referal rate. Whether it’s historical restoration, architectural metal work and welding, Repair, Custom Fabrication, Artistic Design or our welding services, Meshcon custom welding delivers exceptional work. Contact us today!