The Old Knox Mansion

A luxurious 42 room mansion of bygone days.
Centraly located in Johnstown NY at the foot of the beautiful Adirondaks.
As a guest you will feel you have stepped back into an earlier era of wealth and privilege.
Yet.. enjoy 20th Century delights such as the jacuzzi in the private sun room of the master bedroom suite.

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A Guided Tour...

The Grand Knox Mansion in Johnstown, NY is beautifully landscaped and features victorian era decor and archictecture. Built in 1898 by millionaire industrialist Charles B. Knox as a home for himself and his wife Rose.

This victorian neoclassic estate orriginally cost the Knox family 1.2 million dollars to build and at the turn of the century in 1898, it was quite a grand creation.


The Billiard Room Has Become the Comfortable Sitting Room of the Knox Mansion. It featue's hand carved Black Walnut ceiling arches and a beautifully ornate, carved fireplace from a castle in Italy.

The Fireplace estimated to be three hundred years old was laboriously constructed from molded lava ash. This magnificent creation was disassembled and imported piec by piece to the Knox estate.

A view of the greenhouse / conservatory allows the detail of the individually hand laid rock wall to be appreciated and makes a natural accompaniment and back ground for the beautifull greenery surroundings.

The illuminated lava rock fountain centerpiece is a must see for any visitor.

The room which houses the Baby Grand Piano is spectacular to see. The ceiling is finely detailed in 18 karat gold & the near full length mirror reflects the reverse painted rose lamp which is very unique, and rests atop a beautifully ornate table and mirror.
The Sun Room adjoining the 'Master Suite', the Orchid Room, sports its own fireplace and relaxing / or invigorating jacuzzi. knoxsauna.jpg (12816 bytes)


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